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Project Description
SQL Server Dump (sqlserverdump) is a command line utility inspired by mysqldump. It allows to dump SQL Server databases and their content as SQL statements. It's developped in C#.

The creator's initial aim was to be able to backup databases in a non-binary format. Microsoft's backup tools create binary files which can be restored pretty much only on a server having the same version as the one on which the backup has been made. The goal with this project is to be as much as possible independant of the server's version.

The project makes use of SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) in order to generate the SQL statements. It will therefore require that library. If have SQL Server 2008 installed you should be fine. If you have a lower version, you will probably have to install the Shared Management Objects which you will find in the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 SP1 Feature Pack. That one has several requirements. It will probably tell you to install the CLR Types (SQLSysClrTypes) first. (Choose the files from the architecture that matches yours: IA64 = Itanium, x64 = Windows 64 bits, x86 = Windows 32 bits)

Currently, only features of SQL Server up to 2008 are meant to be supported. That is, it should work with newer versions but you won't be able to dump the new features of these versions (things like SEQUENCE, ...)

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